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"I have worked with Totto and his team over several years. His expertise in lam and Whydah impressed me early on. Since then I have had greater cooperation with the team, which I am very satisfied with, largely due to their close follow-up and ability to see unique solutions. I particularly like that there are not such complicated processes around the way we work together. I therefore believe that part of the reason why we have such good communication is precisely this - that we work from a free framework. I want to emphasize their high IT competence, solution-oriented attitudes and their great commitment to help. I have mostly dealt with Totto, who has been a very useful professional for us and I am impressed by his proactive and creative solutions that add value to our products."

Our work for Opplysningen 1881

Opplysningen 1881 is one of the leading suppliers of personal- and business information. They have services like 1881 Mobile Search, Send SMS Query API, INN etc. 

We have created a common login and single-sign-on service for Opplysningen 1881 which is used by both Opplysningen 1881 and Digital Media's customers across their various platforms and applications, such as Min1881 and the mobile app for automatic and manual number searches against 1881. We are talking about a six-digit number of users and dozens of platforms/applications. The solution is also among the first solutions to integrate with TRAQ's consent-as-a-service platform.

We have been operating and further developing the solution from day one in eXOReaction, and it is robust and stable so we have not experienced any operational interruptions or downtime. As a microservice architecture security solution, it is also extremely important to continuously update and patch both the application itself and the underlying operating systems and infrastructure.

Our in-house software factory and NoOps automation uniquely enable us to manage such a solution with minimal overhead, making us extremely competitive. In addition, this type of solution requires highly skilled developers, which XOR's "your own software engineering A-team" service is optimal for. Our willingness and ability to understand and solve customers' real needs are also qualities that the customer themselves highlight as critical success factors, an area that XOR has a strong focus and success in.

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Our work for CatalystOne

CatalystOne is a Nordic leader within Human Capital Management software and provide user-friendly solutions for processes such as HR master data, performance management, talent management, and learning management.

For CatalystOne, we build a separate Analytics module for their HR system. This work also include adding event-sourcing capabilities to their platform which will enable them to build a lot of things their customers are eager to see in the product. The analytics backend itself is built as a multi-tennant, highly secure GDPR and ACL-aware graph with time-machine capabilities in Neo4 supported with polyglot projections in OpenSearch and RDBMS.

In addition, the customer wants a long-term strategic collaboration with the supplier to improve its own development organization and product platform in the years ahead.


"The professionalism of eXOReaction is amazing. At GrepS we were looking for a partner that could not only take responsibility for development of our unique assessment platform for software developers, but also for a party that is able to run it for us - globally. We found one. It's impressive to see how fast new features are being delivered while the code base has also been made more robust. eXOReaction is also constantly monitoring GrepS services and is able to anticipate technical issues before they appear. I love how they take initiative themselves and treat the software as if it was their own. Via their unique team setup of seasoned professionals eXOReaction was able to offer their services in a flexible way so it matched our budget. Recommended!"

Our work for GrepS

GrepS offers coding assessment test of software engineering skills for new hires and consultants, measuring these skills against professionals worldwide. 

We helped GrepS moving their product into eXOReaction's 24/7 NoOps platform saving them hours to days for each release on the way. One aspect which was of special interest for a product like GrepS is to dynamically spin-up services in the eng-users region, reducing lag and latency to make the user experience much better.

As a long-term partner, GrepS and eXOReaction will combine strengths in moving the product forward, including building internal development capabilities within the GrepS company, supporting GrepS test-developers and GrepS test-graders along the way. 

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"As a startup, it has been instrumental to have an as experienced and skillfull partner as eXOReaction to help us build and scale our product. Knowing they have experts in all timezones keeping the product running 24/7 free us to focus on our customers and evolving the product."

Our work for Quadim

Quadim is the only competence platform on the market that is fully dedicated to competence development, validation and analysis through building, mobilizing, measuring and connecting skills for effective search, sharing and problem solving.

We helped Quadim with versatile scalable architecture, maintenance and hosting so that, as a start-up, they could prioritize other important business areas.


"Exoreaction helped us at Mountains AS in the process of insourcing our products, building up development capabilities, and facilitating a good infrastructure. The team at Exoreaction quickly familiarized themselves with our infrastructure and provided practical solutions - something that was important to us!"

Our work for Mountains

Mountains is a Norwegian startup which build a digital platform for planning, production and post-production of non-scripted tv-series around the globe.

We have helped them in their process of in-sourcing the software development, including setting up and building their internal IT development and maintenance capabilities to increase their abilities to change and adopt to their customers needs.


Our work for Entra

We took Entra commercial buildings into the future with the help of technology and digital solutions to realize the potential of a more adapted, efficient and sustainable everyday life for customers/users and managers for increased competitive advantage.

We created one tailored platform for many different needs

  • Booking system for meeting rooms, conference halls, hotels, taxi etc.
  • System for receiving operational updates.
  • Food/lunch self-service system for all Rebels to both order food and fill their lunch card.
  • A "My Profile" login so they can access the services in the building.
  • Forgotten card function.
  • Invite guests to visit Rebel with a card and pincode.
  • "See what's happening at the house"
  • For tenants and managers at Rebel, we made it easy to onboard new customers by implementing self-service of contracts and agreements.

Sensor Technology

In addition to the service platform, we built a data pump that is integrated with 3,000 sensors from various suppliers with a subscription solution where users or companies can subscribe to data such as climate, lock/door use, temperature etc. 

This is great innovations opportunities no other real estate player has anything like today, and Entra is now far ahead of the industry in this area. 

3,000 sensors connected


The service platform for smart buildings.

Experience Rebel

The place that covers many different types of people, ages, needs and users. 


"After a workshop with Ægis & eXOReaction, our own team was able to deliver something in just 14 days that we previously thought was more or less impossible. You won't find better value for your money!"

Our work for Elprint

eXOReaction delivered a workshop with Elprint, a leading electronics manufacturing supplier. It was a tactical, strategic and technology workshop with the purpose of helping Elprint & Macaos solve some of their challenges in the run-up to scaling worldwide. We conducted a thorough analysis of their current situation, their challenges and blockers, both in business and in technology. Our team worked closely with Elprint's leadership and technology experts to ensure that our recommendations aligned with their existing capabilities, vision and goals. We're proud to have been a part of Elprint's success, and we look forward to helping more companies achieve their full potential.


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